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College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Staff Council

CALS P&S Council Changes Name, Launches New Website

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) Professional & Scientific Council will change its name to the CALS Staff Council to embody those now included in council membership and services, CALS P&S and merit employees.

The Council has held extensive discussions to ensure this change does not impact the Council’s ability to fulfill its obligations. “The purpose of the CALS Staff Council is to serve as a voice to the dean’s cabinet and other leaders as appropriate, as well as enhance networking, professional development, recognition opportunities, and communications for CALS staff,” said CALS Staff Council President Nate Dobbels. “We can provide these services for all staff without any conflict with union representation provided to merit employees.”

The college now has around 40 merit staff and over 300 P&S staff. While the Council acknowledges there might be times discussions occur on something that applies to the larger group of P&S employees, like salary raises, the discussions will clarify that only P&S employees are impacted by the exchange.

Finalized through a vote on August 25, the name change and the following changes to the way the Council operates are effective immediately:

  • The representation of current councilors is expanded to represent all staff within their department/unit – both P&S and merit.
  • The pool of staff eligible for selection by administrators/department chairs for representation on the Council now includes both P&S and merit.

The change in representation started with a recommendation from the current CALS administration. The CALS Council then investigated the potential change by looking at the organization of other ISU college staff councils and through discussions with University Human Resources representatives, CALS P&S staff, CALS merit staff, University P&S Council representatives, and the CALS Council representatives.

“We are excited to continue doing great work for all staff within CALS” said Dobbels. “From our upcoming Welcome Back Ice Cream Social to the fast approaching season where hardworking staff are nominated for much deserved awards, we have a lot to be proud of here in CALS. The Council is honored to carry on that work in the most inclusive way possible.”

To clarify the purpose, activities, people and history of the CALS Staff Council, a new website has been launched. Representatives are listed and can be contacted at any time with ideas on how the Council can help enhance staff recognition, networking or professional development opportunities. Events, opportunities and news will be sent out through the college’s newsletter, CALS Online, which is distributed each Monday.